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The complete solution for a perfect tan, includes the Tan Divin Bronzing Body Oil,, Tan divino post tanning cream Tan divino Body Scrub,, and Tan divino after cleanse toner.

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☀BRONZING BODY OIL: Tan your skin giving a golden tone without mistreating it. Moisturizes and cares for your skin from free radicals due to its high antioxidant power, preventing premature aging. Its magical ingredients such as chontaduro, turmeric, carrot, coconut and the secret touch of KAREM FERIS make your tan last longer and your skin look more radiant.
☀ POST TANNING CREAM: A moisturizing wonder, which on contact with the skin turns water, immediately repairs, calms and regenerates.
☀PRE TANNING BODY SCRUB: Frees your skin from dead cells, giving it a smooth and luminous texture, which is why it is the right product to apply before sunbathing, it helps your tan to be more homogeneous. Its main ingredients such as cinnamon, Himalayan salt, rosemary, ginger and sesame oil will make your skin look a more homogeneous and faster tan.
☀ TONER AFTER CLEANSE: Refreshes, calms, relaxes, hydrates before, during and after tanning. for facial and body use.

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